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BDA Paediatric Group

As the professional body, they work to set high standards of practice, care and delivery. They are committed to improving the health of all four nations, through their members. They empower their members to help raise the profile of the BDA, dietetics and the important role dietitians play in all aspects of health, nutrition and diet.

Their Purpose is to -
  • To advance the science and practice of dietetics
  • To promote training and education in the science and practice of dietetics
  • To be a trade union for the dietetic workforce
  • To promote health and wellbeing among the population through dietetics

Their Vision is -

To ensure that UK dietitians are recognised as leaders in diet and nutrition matters in
  • Improving the health of all four nations
  • Health and wellbeing for individuals and, groups and communities
  • Service commissioning and delivery
  • Public, private, industry and education sector services
  • Policy formulation
  • Planning and improvement
  • The media
Paediatric Specialist Group Aims

  • to provide a communication network for paediatric dietitians;
  • to act as an information resource for dietitians and other health professionals;
  • to promote paediatric dietetic education at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

The Role of the Paediatric Group and its sub-groups
The Paediatric Group has a limited supply of funds supported by a voted in committee.  The group works within the rules of a committee belonging to the BDA.

The Paediatric Group is a collective membership of Paediatric Dietitians who are members of the BDA and work within a paediatric setting.


The sub-groups of the Paediatric Group are a collective of Paediatric Dietitians who work within the recognised specialisms as follows:

  • Paediatric Nephrology - PRING (ratification pending)
  • Paediatric Autism - DAG
  • Neonatology - NDIG