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A Healthy Start

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A Healthy StartWritten by Kim Roberts and Mary Rudolf. Published 2017 ISBN 978-0-9926583-1-1.

An invaluable resource for everyone involved in getting babies and young children off to a great start in life, this 360-page book is a mine of information about what children need to flourish – from pregnancy to starting school. Drawing together the best evidence and national guidance, it sets out the crucial building blocks that form the foundation for lifelong physical and emotional wellbeing. It covers nutrition, parenting, emotional wellbeing, oral health, infant feeding and much more.

Important as this knowledge is, it is only useful if parents have the right support to put it into practice. HENRY has developed a highly effective strengths-based and partnership approach to supporting behaviour change. This book shares our learning about what works, providing a practical framework to build parents’ confidence and motivation for change – making a real difference to children’s futures.

This book is divided into 5 parts which can be read as a whole, as well as used as a resource for specific topics and needs:

Part 1 - sets the scene for the rest of the book with an overview of the evidence about the importance of the early years of a child's life for their later health and development.

Part 2 - Introduces a framework for supporting behaviour change and considers the qualities, skills and attitudes that enable us to make a positive difference in our work with families.

Part 3 - focuses on a baby's start to life - during pregnancy and the first year.

Part 4 - moves on to the wider family and home environment, exploring the quality of relationships, experiences and lifestyle that young children need in order to flourish.

Part 5 - applies the different elements of a healthy start to obesity prevention, focussing on effective intervention when there are concerns about a baby's or young child's weight.