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Eating Well for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Eating Well for a Healthy PregnancyWritten by Dr Helen Crawley, First Steps Nutrition Trust (2014). A4 with spiral binding. ISBN 978-1-908924-18-6
Revised and reprinted March 2017 ISBN 978-1-908924-23-0

This publication has been updated to reflect the new Eatwell Guide, new guidance on Vitamin D and changes to prices, links and resources.

With so much information available advising people what to eat, it can be difficult to work out what eating well really means. This practical guide shows the sorts of foods, and amounts of foods, that will meet the nutritional needs of women in pregnancy and give the best start to the baby.
It provides general advice for health professionals to support all pregnant women about food, nutrition and pregnancy. It includes recipes and meal ideas and will hopefully sit alongside other local public health guidance to provide practical explanation of what 'eating well' looks like in practice.

Everyone wants the best for their baby and yet many people overlook the importance of eating the sorts of foods and drinks that mean both mum and baby will have a healthy pregnancy. It is well known that, without the right sorts of foods and nutrients, women may deliver babies who will not achieve their full potential in life.
We believe that eating well matters Ė but enjoyable and delicious food matters too, so this guide is all about easy, tasty meals and snacks that donít break the bank and that women can fit into their day whatever their circumstances. The ideas in this guide have been put together by experts in food and nutrition and are based on government guidelines for healthy eating.
Having a good diet in pregnancy and entering parenthood with an understanding of the importance of eating well for their new family are essential for ensuring current and future health for all. Some women donít eat enough different types of foods, and the foods they do choose tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar and low in the kinds of nutrients that are important for the babyís growth and development. Some women may restrict their food intakes to stay slim, but choose foods that donít provide the important nutrients they need in pregnancy. This practical guide is all about shifting the balance towards better food choices and making it clear what eating well really looks like Ė and how to do it both now and in the future.