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Eating Well for New Mums

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Eating Well for New Mums                                            Written by Dr Helen Crawley, First Steps Nutrition Trust (2014). A4 with spiral binding. ISBN 978-1-908924-11-7
Revised and reprinted, 2nd edition ISBN 978-1-908924-42-1

This guide has been written for new mums, and or anyone who supports them in a professional or voluntary capacity.

It may also be of interest to policy makers, commissioners and managers in health and well-being boards, GPs, midwives, health visitors, those who support families in children's centres and other early years settings, and all those interested in promoting better public health for all.

Extra information for breastfeeding mothers can be found over 12 pages. There are a lot of myths around diet and breastfeeding and this section will support and encourage everyone who breastfeeds, and dispel some of the misinformation about eating and breastfeeding.

It provides practical support for all new mums, including breastfeeding mothers, showing photos and recipes of nutritious foods and drinks that can be eaten as snacks and light meals as well as answering lots of questions people may have about eating well when breastfeeding

It complements other First Steps Nutrition Trust resources which give practical ideas for eating well in pregnancy and for the whole family.

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