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Eating Well: The First Year

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Eating Well: The First YearWritten by Dr Helen Crawley, First Steps Nutrition Trust (2015). A4 with spiral binding. ISBN 978-1-908924-31-5
Revised and reprinted edition March 2017 ISBN 978-1-908924-55-1 to include current guidance.

This resource provides some key information about feeding in the first 6 months of life, and shows the sorts of foods to introduce to infants at around 6 months of age, and the amounts of difference foods that, alongside breastmilk or infant formula, will meet the nutritional needs of infants aged up to 12 months. It includes recipes and photos to show the sorts of foods, and amounts of foods, that will give them a good start to their eating journey.

The resource contains:
  • information about how eating is part of an infant's developmental journey
  • a summary of the key principles of eating well for infants up to the age of 12 months
  • some example meals and finger foods to show how the dietary needs of infants can be met.

All information is in line with current policy in the UK and provides a pictorial guide which can be used to support families in the first year of their baby’s life.

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