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Henry Children's Story Books

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Henry Children's Story Books
Written by Philippa Boston (2012) and illustrated by Mike Smith for Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young.
A set of 4 children's story books - 19 x 23 cm hard back story/picture books

What's up Henry
Henry is feeling miserable. Nothing seems to cheer him up, and the others are at their wits' end until they discover what Henry really needs. 

Let's go outside Henry

The animals can't understand who would want to sit inside when there's so much fun to be had in the garden - as Henry soon finds out.

Let's have a guess Henry
Join the animals as they discover how to turn mealtime chaos into three great ways of enjoying eating together.

It's teatime Henry
Learning how to eat is no fun, with tempers frayed and food flying everywhere, till everyone joins in and helps HENRY get the hang of it.