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Healthy Families Right From the Start

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Healthy Families Right From the StartWritten by Candida Hunt for HENRY (2014) Revised (2018).  Ring bound publication. ISBN 978-0-9926583-0-4

A treasure trove of ideas to help parents give theirchildren a great start in life. It covers five main themes parenting skills,how we eat, what we eat, being active and emotional well-being. Also includeshealthy recipes and active play ideas for the early years.

HENRY are passionate about babies and young children having the best possible start in life. Everything they experience from the moment of birth (and even before) provides the building blocks for the rest of their lives.

This book is packed full of practical information for a healthy family life with young children. It will help think about your family's lifestyles and decide what changes you would like to make. Knowing what we want to change is the first step.

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