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HENRY Information Charts

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HENRY Information ChartsInformation charts with glossy, wipe clean surfaces.

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A set of 4 information charts with glossy, wipe clean surfaces.
  • Balancing Your Plate. Based on the eatwell plate this chart is a handy and fun place mat for children. The size of plate in the chart is the recommended size for children from weaning to age 5.

  • Steps in growing. A comprehensive table covering children’sdevelopment at key stages of the early years. It covers signs of hunger, signs of fullness, foods to try, activities and play and helpful tips.
  • How big is a portion? Many parents are amazed at what constitutes a portion for each of the different food groups. This helpful chart, used alongside Balancing Your Plate, cover the number of portion in each group for 0-5 year olds. It uses hands (which grow with us) to help indicate how big a is portion.
  • Taking the PULSE. A healthy start is about more than just eating the right foods. It includes all aspects of their development including Physical, Understanding, Language, Social and Emotional development (PULSE).This chart helps parents understand how these all combine for a healthy start in life, and gives great ideas to support it.