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Making the Most of Healthy Start

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Making the Most of Healthy StartWritten by Dr Helen Crawley, First Steps Nutrition Trust (2014). A4 with spiral binding.
Revised and reprinted March 2017 ISBN  978-1-908924-47-6

This guide aims is to provide support to families to help them to get the most out of the Healthy Start scheme. The guide provides a range of healthy family recipes using ingredients that can be bought with Healthy Start food vouchers, and shows how these can feed the whole family.

It contains:
  • information on the Healthy Start scheme and what can be bought with the Healthy Start food vouchers
  • recipes for family meals, with photos of appropriate portion sizes for infants, children and adults
  • simple ideas for eating well on a budget, and
  • ideas for complementary foods and finger foods for infants from 6 months of age.
As well as supporting the use of Healthy Start food vouchers, the guide promotes family mealtimes by including recipes that can be prepared for all age groups. Eating with others can help children develop social skills and good eating habits from a young age and there is lots of evidence that children really benefit from sharing mealtimes in a family setting.

Health professionals can use the recipes in this guide to show practical examples of meals that include ingredients bought with Healthy Start food vouchers. Health professionals can also use the guide to promote eating well in pregnancy and the early years, with support from Healthy Start food vouchers. Health professionals may wish to adapt the information for their own settings. Some of the pages are written for eligible families and individual pages or sections of this guide can be used.

The report contains a range of simple, tested, cost effective recipes for the whole family, showing appropriate portion sizes for different age groups. As with all the work First Steps Nutrition Trust produce the information is open access and can be used by anyone supporting good public health in a non-profit making capacity.