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Written by Weight Concern (2013) A5 93 leaves (186pp) with 7 non tabbed dividers. ISBN 978-0-9540652-3-2
Updated October 2016, in response to the latest nutritional and physical activity guidelines. ISB978-0-9540652-5-6

Weight Concern have completely reworked the nutrition section so that it is fully compatible with the new eatwell guidelines, this includes updating the diaries. They have also updated the alcohol and physical activity recommendations and the understanding nutritional labelling section. And they have changed some of the examples of food choices so that it is more in line with current thinking about the importance of being aware of sugar in the diet. The spirit of Shape Up remains unchanged though and we continue to emphasise the importance of combining expertise from the fields of psychology, nutrition, exercise and health promotion for permanent lifestyle change.

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Shape-Up is an innovative lifestyle guide to help you manage your weight, improve your health and enhance your quality of life. The evidence-based workbook was devised by experts in psychology, nutrition and exercise to maximise your chances of success.

Shape-Up is not a diet or an eating plan. And it is not just about weight loss.

It is a psychological approach to managing eating and physical activity over the long term.

It's not a programme that you start and then finish a few weeks or months later. Shape-Up gives you the skills and the knowledge that will help you to carry on with a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. It will help you control your weight, understand your own eating patterns and learn how to deal with temptations as well as guiding you through what to eat.  

Shape-Up will help you to:

• limit weight gain
• achieve weight loss
• get into a regular eating pattern
• balance the types of food that you eat
• reduce your tendency to overeat
• become more physically active

Shape-Up provides an evidence-based alternative to the endless cycle of dieting people often find themselves in. Shape-Up helps people achieve this by offering almost 200 pages of vital information on changing behaviour such as keeping motivated, identifying triggers which lead to unhealthy habits, and dealing with set-backs. It also offers practical information on portion sizes, cooking, shopping and eating out tips, and record sheets and diaries to keep track of things.

Shape-Up is used by thousands of people each year to help them lose weight, get healthier and feel better about themselves. Adults in the  UK who use Shape-Up typically lose 2.5-3kgs in 8-weeks. Over 90% of users report feeling more in control of their eating habits and 98% would recommend Shape-Up to a friend trying to manage their weight!

It’s time to stop diets forever and give Shape-Up a go!

Shape-Up can also be run as a successful group-based weight management programme. Shape-Up has reached over 20,000 adults in the UK with a typical weight-loss of 2.8 kgs in just 8-weeks. Over 90% of Shape-Up attendees report feeling more in control of their eating habits after the programme and 98% would recommend Shape-Up to a friend trying to manage their weight! The charity Weight Concern runs training courses which will allow you to facilitate Shape-Up groups in your area or within your weight management service. The training is for anyone, not just health professionals, and as part of it you will receive a Shape-Up Facilitator’s manual to guide you step-by-step through group delivery. Find out more and register your interest in future training dates here.

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