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Tiny Tastes

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Tiny Tastes
Written by Weight Concern (2013) A4 booklet with plastic wallet. Full instructions, 10 tear off sheets and 2 sheets of self adhesive stickers,  A discount is available for over 50 copies where the price reduces to £5 each. Discount will be applied at checkout.

Eating behaviour experts at University College London spent over a decade researching the effectiveness of different child feeding strategies, resulting in a printed pack called Tiny Tastes which has now been tested – with impressive results – and is now available to the public and to health professionals.

Mealtimes can be a battle-ground for many parents, with up to four in ten toddlers being picky eaters and more than a quarter refusing some foods every day. Despite the importance of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet, only one in five children actually eat the recommended five portions a day.

Tiny Tastes aims to overcome these challenges by turning eating new vegetables into a fun game that both children and parents can enjoy. The Tiny Tastes pack includes straightforward instructions for parents together with record charts, colouring sheets for kids and fun stickers. It's based on the UCL research amongst children that shows, after tasting a new vegetable at least ten times, even the most reluctant child likes it more and will eat more of it. Over two weeks the simple process of Tiny Tastes actually increases children’s liking for vegetables, making them more willing to try other vegetables.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received from parents who’ve tried Tiny Tastes:

"Absolutely amazing – they didn’t even like the smell of celery before Tiny Tastes and now they can’t get enough of it”

"I have already bored many people telling them how amazingly well it worked”

"They are much better and trying, tasting and eating their vegetables since Tiny Tastes”

Try Tiny Tastes and see for yourself.

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